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My name is Michael Rainey, and I'm the founder of Close Tolerance Software.  For more than ten years, I've proudly furnished software designed to help maximize profits and enhance quality in facilities where machining is performed.  My programs can literally pay for themselves the first day you use them.

My background includes almost thirty years as a Manufacturing Engineer and CNC Programmer.  I've worked in a wide variety of machining environments and learned a great deal about tooling and machining, manufacturing engineering, and quality requirements.  I understand quite well that every detail, no matter how small, has to be taken into account and handled correctly.

Through the years, a great deal of my time was spent tracking down and manipulating many types of machining data.  I know how much time it takes and I know how it can wear a person down, particularly if they're loaded with work and fighting to keep up.  As mental fatigue sets in, the possibility of making an expensive mistake rises sharply.  Looking at it from a manager's point of view, the lost time and mistakes represent money wasted and customers who might not come back.  Fortunately, some of it is avoidable.

The programs I've developed are aimed at professionals who need accurate information at the click of a mouse.  They're thoroughly researched by a person who's technically experienced and obsessive about accuracy and dependability.  I encourage you to give them a good look.

Michael Rainey
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