Here are some comments from people who use programs from Close Tolerance Software to help them make a living.  They're saving time and getting things right the first time.  They're making more money.


"I've been using MEPro since it's inception in the mid 90's and have watched it get better with each new version.

Using the Job Planner, I'm able to quote new jobs within seconds of actual run times and within pennies of actual cost. Being able to play "what-if" with different tooling or even between different Machining Centers is a great benefit.

The extensive amount of data available is also a valuable resource to the machine operators for finding speeds/feeds, drill depths, tap drill sizes and much more.

The Thread Data module is the most comprehensive I have ever used.  And the printed report gives you all the information you need at a glance."
Brad Weldy
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
"MEPro is one of the fastest easiest programs I've ever used for estimating and for generating data for my process drawings.

It has a very small footprint on my machine, has  never crashed, and is extremely accurate.
Robert Wolinski
Engineering / IT Manager
Murphy Machine Products, Inc.
"I use MEPro as an adjunct to machine design.  I use it to estimate the cost of each floor-to-floor operation.  It is amazing how it focuses your thinking (or that of your client) when you can show how much that latest bell or whistle is really going to cost.

You get one whale of a bang for a buck with MEPro."

James McCabe
Principal Engineer,   M4
"Finally a one stop shop for machining right at my fingertips.  I have always used slip sticks and a myriad of dedicated speed and feed calculators for guesstimating cycle times for quotes.  Now I can plan out my job and get real cycle times in minutes.  This saves me time and gives me confidence in quoting that I previously didn't have.

Once I get the job I use the same speeds and feeds in my CAM software to start right out machining with practical parameters.

"The threading information is second to none I have seen.  I can order tooling knowing I am in the proper parameters whether I am making a JIS or a UNJF thread.  No need for me to keep up with all the standards."

I appreciate software written by a person that knows what I need to know and presents it in an easy to understand format.  A great value for the quite modest initial investment!"
Mark Spear, Owner
MS Design & Manufacturing
"unit cost breakdown is fantastic ... I am using it a lot for quoting ... very easy to understand, even for non-professionals"
Boguslaw Janczura
"MEPro is the most used tool on my desktop, I use it from programming to estimating. It's a lot of info packed into one small package."
Rick Galindo
Engineering Dept.
S&N Machine and Fabricating, Inc.
"I can't tell you enough how much of a help your software is.  Anyone who has to work with nonstandard diameters and has looked in machinist handbook for thread specs and formulas will immediately see the benefit of ME ThreadPal."
B. F.
Northrop Grumman
"The ThreadPal program has made my life a lot easier and spared me a number of headaches and wild guesses that could lead to headaches. I consider the cost to be money well spent!"
Mike Smith
Advanced Armament Corp.
"I am doing lots of different metric threads and get tired of looking in machineries and doing calculations, so I found it very useful."
Michael Pate
"Your program is such a big help to our company. We run a lot of odd threads and it saves so much time to just plug in the numbers and get the info we need. Thanks for your help."
Joe Balazsi
"Now I can spend more time doing the work instead of the calculating and checking the calculations."
Gordon E. Warrington, Ph.D.
Manager / Soil Scientist
"Thank You!  What a wonderful program you have created."
Tim DeBell
Ramona Precision
"Thanks for the support.  It is refreshing to actually have someone offer SERVICE."
Wayne McLeod
Toolcraft Co., Inc.
"My name is Scott and I work for Swissturn/USA. I'd like to say that your ThreadPal program is great.  Big timesaver."
"I have used your software, and I love it.  I have spread the word to a few other associates, and they are planning a visit to your website to view your other products, also."

Thank you again.
Ray Forbes
Pleasanton Tool
"Thanks for providing this excellent software. I've needed something like this for years, even made several abortive attempts to do it myself. I now use your program almost daily."
Sean Donnelly
"I've found your software to be invaluable ... when I need to set a speed or feed, it's the first place I go ... your support is phenomenal"
Ken Lerman, Co-Owner
Mark Kenny Products Company, LLC
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